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How to login and access Job Aids

As a registered wambo.org user, you have automatically been given access – click here to login.

You will be required to enter your Global Fund username (the old format was EXT\username, now it is username@ext.theglobalfund.org) and password, which you will have received by email – try searching your inbox and spam folder for DoNotReply@theglobalfund.org or identityservice@theglobalfund.org if you’re having trouble finding them.

If you need assistance logging in, please contact the Global Fund IT support at helpdeskSvc@theglobalfund.org or the Country Engagement Team at onboarding@wambo.org.



Coupa News for products – August 2018

Lower ARV prices | Cost, space, and environmental savings through improved, more efficient packaging


Product savings

Following the Global Fund’s latest tender for anti-retroviral (ARV) medicines, ARV reference prices are now lower, with first line regimens at USD 72 per person per year or less (USD 6 per month). Details of the tender outcomes can be found at: https://www.theglobalfund.org/en/news/2018-07-16-new-agreements-with-hiv-drug-suppliers-to-save-usd324-million/.


Packaging improvements and savings

In addition to lower product prices, Principal Recipients can now save additional costs on freight and logistics, by selecting optimized outer packaging for key, high-volume 1st line products.

By selecting the catalogue option marked “no carton”, Principal Recipients can significantly reduce freight costs and optimize storage throughout the supply chain, consuming around 50% less space in containers, warehouses, clinics. This option also reduces paper consumption and materials-use throughout the product lifecycle, and preserves packaging quality (no damaged cartons upon distribution to the patient).

This packaging will soon be the norm, with the “with-carton” variants being discontinued in the medium-term.

Further freight savings and volume reductions can also be achieved with the 90-day multi-month dispensing pack for stable patients.


Typical catalogue option “with carton” (108 bottles per shipper)



New catalogue option “without carton” (144 bottles per shipper)



You can order carton-less products using the below links, or by using the search and browse function:

Efavirenz/Lamivudine/Tenofovir 600/300/300mg tablet 90 – no carton

Efavirenz/Lamivudine/Tenofovir 600/300/300mg tablet 30 – no carton

Efavirenz/Lamivudine/Tenofovir 400/300/300mg tablet 30 – no carton

Efavirenz/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir 600/200mg/300mg tablet 30 – no carton

Dolutegravir/Lamivudine/Tenofovir 50/300/300mg tablet 30 – no carton

For more information on ARV Innovative Packaging, click here .



Coupa News for products – May 2018

Update on price equalization of Artemether-lumefantrine dispersible formulations for children

When ordering Artemether-lumefantrine (AL) for children with malaria, countries can now choose the preferred dispersible formulation of AL as price has been removed as a barrier from this optimal choice. The World Health Organization recommends that young children and infants be offered pediatric formulations, with a preference for dispersible tablets; dispersible tablets are expected to be easier for caregivers to administer, requiring only a small amount of water, with anticipated improvements in compliance and dosing accuracy over crushed solid tablets. By being offered dispersible formulations, more children are expected to receive the full amount of medicine they need to survive a brush with malaria. This price equalization of the preferred formulation for children is a result of an updated sourcing strategy implemented by the Global Fund’s Sourcing Team.

The Global Fund’s current strategy for sourcing antimalarial medicines includes a specific objective to lower price differentials for better formulations. The competitive tender issued as part of this strategy included an incentive to suppliers to offer dispersible AL products at prices close to or at the price of non-dispersible AL child pack sizes. Suppliers responded, and across the four currently eligible suppliers of AL dispersible formulations, the Global Fund can now set the reference price for AL dispersible 6×1 and 6×2 equivalent to that of AL non-dispersible 6×1 and 6×2. Within a constrained budget, countries no longer have to consider trade-offs between patient access, in terms of numbers of children reached, and preferred formulations for children, when ordering AL.

For additional information on the reference prices, visit our PPM reference table

For additional information on the Global Fund’s Antimalarial Medicines Sourcing Strategy, visit The Global Fund’s antimalarial medicines page



Newsflash – May 2018

New PO closure process

PR requestors are now responsible for approving on a non-objection basis the final zero-value invoice that the PSA raises, indicating that the purchase order can be closed.

Once you have confirmed to the PSA that all deliveries from a purchase order have been made, the PSA will raise a final invoice with a zero dollar value to trigger the new PO closure approval process. The final zero-value invoice will be sent to one PR approval group containing all requestors for that particular PR*. Any one of these people can approve the final invoice to confirm that the purchase order can be closed. If no one approves or comments on the invoice within 14 calendar days, the request will be approved on your behalf. At the end of the approval chain, the PO will be closed and no more invoices or adjustments can be made against the PO.

If your organization requires a different set-up for this final invoice approval chain, please contact emily.groffman@theglobalfund.org.

*While most PRs have defined a requisition approval chain based on the PR organization as a whole (e.g. all MOH requisitions should go through the same approval process), some PRs have defined their approval chains based on grant or based on product category. In these cases, we have maintained the same level of configuration for the zero-value invoice approval group. For example, if the HIV grant has a different approval process than the Malaria grant, only the HIV requestors will be asked to approve HIV final invoices and only the Malaria requestors will be asked to approve Malaria final invoices.

Driving product category expansion

wambo.org is connected to UNOPS’ UN Web Buy Plus, creating a one-stop-shop solution for your vehicle, motorcycle and power equipment procurement needs. As a registered PPM PR you can log in to wambo.org and click on the “UN Web Buy Plus” button under the “Shop Online” section of the home page. Once you punch-out to UN Web Buy Plus you will have access to catalogues with Standard Vehicles, Trucks & Buses, Ambulances, Motorcycles, Solar Power & Generator Equipment, Prefab Containers and Material Handling Equipment.



Newsflash – March 2018

Driving product category expansion

We are very excited to announce that wambo.org is now connected to UNOPS’ UN Web Buy Plus online platform to create a one-stop-shop solution for your vehicle, motorcycle and power equipment procurement needs. The punch-out technology from wambo.org to UN Web Buy Plus is now LIVE! As a registered PPM PR* you can now log in to wambo.org and click on the “UN Web Buy Plus” button under the “Shop Online” section on the right side of the wambo.org home page.

Once you punch-out to UN Web Buy Plus you will have access to a catalogue with a variety of vehicles and power equipment. These include Standard Vehicles, Trucks and Buses, Ambulances, Motorcycles, Power Equipment (Solar Power and Generators), Prefabricated Containers and Material Handling Equipment. You can browse the catalogue, shop-and-compare, customize the items, add spare parts, select freight options and add the items to cart. By simply clicking on the “Add and Return” button at the bottom of your “Cart” screen you will punch-back to wambo.org, and…. Voila! The items are successfully placed in your wambo.org basket!

This is a unique opportunity for PPM-registered PRs to leverage UNOPS’ procurement services and Long Term Agreements with a multitude of manufacturers, including Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Iveco, Man and many more, at competitive prices. This innovative punch-out option demonstrates the potential of wambo.org to bring together partner organizations offering products for those PRs with approved budget lines to procure online – a potential that we look forward to exploring further. We welcome your suggestions for additional non-health products you would like to see on wambo.org that are critical for generating impact in your programs. Training materials will be available shortly.

In the meantime, if you are interested in this innovative and cost-effective vehicle and power equipment procurement approach, or have suggestions for additional non-health products to be featured, please contact inara.samedova@theglobalfund.org.

* With the exception of countries where UNOPS is an LFA, Fiduciary Agent or an acting PR.


The next version of Coupa is here!

You may notice that wambo.org looks a little different. We are upgrading to the next version of Coupa, which brings exciting new features including:

– An improved layout for requisitions – When viewing the details of a requisition, critical information on requisition lines is emphasized for better readability.

– The new notification menu – Once you log in, you can hover over the  bell icon at the top of the screen to view a list of your To Do and FYI notifications from any page. A red dot on the bell indicates you have a new notifications to read.

– Search auto-complete – When typing in the search bar, you will see a drop-down menu of the top ten search results to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

– Advanced filters for reporting – When viewing your Spend History or reports on orders and invoices, you can now add groups of conditions and specify whether all or any of the conditions in each group should be met. For example, the filter shown below will pull a report of all orders in your PR organization with a value over 1,000,000 USD, which have been ordered this quarter, for any products containing either Artemether or Efavirenz. Check it out and let your focal point know if you have any questions!


Order with government funds through wambo.org

In January, the Ministry of Health of Mongolia became the first government to purchase health products through wambo.org using government funds. Other interested governments who wish to access wambo.org and PPM’s quality-assured products and competitive prices for domestic purchases are encouraged to contact Megan Camm at megan.camm@theglobalfund.org.


A new lockout threshold of your account

You will now only be locked out of wambo.org after 5 unsuccessful login attempts – previously it was after 3. Remember that if you are locked out of wambo.org your account will automatically be unlocked the next day, at which time you will receive a system-generated email to reset your password.


Focal points

You may have noticed some changes in the way the wambo.org team provides support over the past few months. Diana Urbina, the previous focal point for EECA, LAC and MENA, has left the Global Fund to pursue another opportunity. Emily Groffman (emily.groffman@theglobalfund.org) and Sibylle Krautter (sibylle.krautter@theglobalfund.org) will be the main points of contact for Global Fund grant orders (continue to contact Emily if she’s been your focal point in the past, otherwise please reach out to Sibylle). Megan Camm (megan.camm@theglobalfund.org) will be the focal point for government-funded orders and related requests. Inara Samedova (inara.samedova@theglobalfund.org) will be the focal point for any UN Web Buy Plus questions or non-health product suggestions.


Newsflash – December 2017

Important year-end financial closure dates!

For a short period between 22 December 2017 and 1 January 2018, the Global Fund financial systems will be inactive for the yearly closure process.

During this period, wambo.org will remain up and running and you may email onboarding@wambo.org in case of need. Your email will be responded as soon as possible on 2 January 2018.

However, whilst you can place new requests, the sourcing team will not proceed with any order processing, so you will not receive any PQ during that period and no Purchase Orders will be issued. So you should aim to complete approvals on your open orders by 20 December 2017 if possible, otherwise you will need to wait until 2 January 2018 before your PO is issued.

We take the opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season and a great start into 2018!



Coupa News for products – November 2017

Update on WHO Newly Recommended ARV regimens:

Dolutegravir (DTG) Fixed Dose Combinations with Lamivudine and Tenofovir.

Two manufacturers have recently received tentative FDA approval for their triple fixed-dose combination of the dolutegravir based regimen (with tenofovir and lamivudine) that is now eligible for Global Fund financing and procurement. Dolutegravir (DTG) has been recommended by WHO as an alternative first-line ARV regimen. DTG based regimens are likely to improve the quality of treatment and retention, offering significant programmatic advantages related to HIV drug resistance and tolerability in relation to previous regimens.

Countries considering procurement of DTG should ensure a safe and effective transition to this regimen. Supply chains should be prepared, to ensure no stock outs or risk of treatment disruption. Relevant policies, guidelines, regulatory approvals and registrations should be in place. For countries planning transition, we recommend budgeting first-line regimens at USD 6.75/month (thereference price for TLD and TLE 30 pack as at Sept. 2017. This should present no budget barrier for transitioning to TLD. See PPM reference pricing.

Procurement planning: Regular commercial production by both of the eligible manufacturers is expected to commence shortly. As with all procurement requests, they should be made in good time to enable the best value to be achieved in terms of both product and freight costs. Procurement requests are recommended to be placed at least 6 months in advance to enable best value to be achieved.

Lower Dose Efavirenz Fixed Dose Combinations with Lamivudine and Tenofovir.

A 400mg version of the tenofovir-based triple fixed-dose combination with lamivudine and efavirenz has recently received tentative FDA approval and is now eligible for Global Fund financing and procurement. This product is an alternative first-line option recommended in the current WHO ARV guidelines. Systematic reviews show that it has comparable efficacy and improved safety compared to EFV at the standard dose (600mg). Countries considering procurement should ensure a safe and effective transition to this regimen. Supply chains should be prepared, to ensure no stock outs or risk of treatment disruption. Relevant policies, guidelines, regulatory approvals andregistrations should be in place. Procurement planning: Regular commercial production has commenced. As with all procurement requests, they should be made in good time to enable the best value to be achieved in terms of both product and freight costs. Procurement requests are recommended to be placed at least 4-5 months in advance to enable best value to be achieved.


WHO Questions & Answers on transition to new ARV regimens:


For further information please consult:

1) WHO Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection: Recomendations for a public health approach. Second . Geneva : s.n., 2016. p. 480. 978 92 4 154968 4. [Online] http://who.int/hiv/pub/arv/arv-2016/en/

2) WHO Policy Brief: Transition to New Antiretrovirals in HIV Programmes. July 2017. http://www.who.int/entity/hiv/pub/toolkits/transition-to-new-arv/en/index.html

3) The Clinton Foundation New HIV Product Introduction Toolkit. https://www.newhivdrugs.org

4) WHO Technical Update: Transition to New Antiretroviral Drugs in HIV Programmes: Clinical and Programmatic Considerations. July 2017. http://www.who.int/hiv/pub/toolkits/transition-to-new-arv-technical-update/en/


Newsletter – September 2017

wambo.org is launching a simplified process for ordering customized LLINs

Previously, customized text or artwork on LLIN bags or care labels was requested through the corresponding “non-standard” LLIN option for the preferred dimension.  Now, you can request this type of customization through the “standard” LLIN items on wambo.org, as their questionnaires capture an expanded set of details. However, please note that requests for customization will still incur additional costs and may result in longer lead times.

The customizations listed below will still need to be submitted through a non-standard LLIN item, as before. However, instead of seeing one non-standard option per LLIN dimension, users will now see a single option for non-standard LLINs that will allow them to specify through the questionnaire:

– Net dimensions outside of the standard dimensions

– Net color other than light blue, light green, or white

– Bale size other than 50 nets per bale

– Accessories other than hooks and strings

– # of hooks and strings >6

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact your PPM focal point for product clarifications and your wambo.org focal point for system-related questions.



Newsletter – August 2017

New products now available on wambo.org!

The following so-called non-core product categories are now available in wambo.org:

– pharmaceuticals and essential medicines (i.e. for opportunistic infections), in addition to ARVs and antimalarials

– general lab supplies and equipment (including microscopes, blood collection consumables, etc.) and harm reduction products (syringes, opioid substitution therapy)

– RDTs (for syphilis, hepatitis C, etc. in addition to HIV and malaria) and diagnostics (including CD4 and clinical chemistry, etc. in addition to Viral Load and EID)

We compiled the catalogue for these product categories based on the previous IDA order form and recent PR demand, in order to ensure programs have access to a wide and relevant range of products for combatting the three diseases. The catalogue will continue to evolve based on future demand, the availability of strategic and innovative products, and feedback from PRs and partners.


To wambo or not to wambo? That is no longer the question

All product categories managed by PPM are now available on the platform, and all PRs using PPM are registered. That’s over 650 PR users from more than 50 countries! PPM will no longer be accepting manual orders for any products, so if you can’t find what you need in the wambo.org catalogue, please submit a freeform request using the write functionality.

Please submit freeform requests separately from regular wambo.org catalogue requests. Freeform requests will be assessed for feasibility at the time of submission (during the “Pending Buyer Action” requisition status), so creating them independently will ensure they don’t unnecessarily hold up requests for catalogue items.

In addition, please don’t forget that items from each product category should be submitted in different requisitions. You can refer to the user manual for more details. If in doubt, please contact your PPM focal point for guidance.


All eyes on wambo!

To give you greater visibility into your organization’s requisitions-in-progress, we’ll be contacting each PR focal point over the coming weeks to confirm the creation of a watcher group. This watcher group will contain all users (requestors, approvers and current watchers, per grant if relevant) and will be added automatically to each requisition. What does this mean for you? Everyone in the group will be notified when a new requisition is first submitted and when a PO is issued, and everyone will be able to view all pending and approved requisitions in “Spend History” at any time by going to the view “That I’m Watching” (see below for a reminder of how to access views). We hope you’ll find this greater degree of transparency useful.


Pilot preparation

In the last newsletter, we informed you of an exciting pilot project to allow government PRs to use wambo.org to procure the same quality products at competitive prices using domestic funding – for a limited number of 10 transactions across all countries. We’ve already heard back from many of you that you’re interested in learning more, but if you haven’t yet reached out, now’s the time! We’ll determine the final candidates in discussion with interested PRs and their country teams in September, and we plan to kick off the first orders before the end of the year.


Reporting Refresher

wambo.org allows you to access reports of your requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices. The platform includes standard “views” that display a list of requisitions, orders, or invoices filtered by different criteria, but you can also download reports, schedule reports to be sent by email, or create custom reports filtered by different criteria. We encourage you to explore the different reporting options available to you (see the user manual on the Country Engagement site for more tips), but here are some helpful examples to get you started.

You can access reports from your Spend History at the top of wambo.org, then by selecting the view of your choice*.

– To find a requisition you created, approved, or are watching: Go to your Spend History and verify that you are in the “Requisitions” section. Then, select one of the views, such as Open Requisitions, That I’ve Approved, or That I’m Watching.

– To view purchase orders: Click on the Orders heading then select one of the views, such as Issued orders.

– To view invoices*: Click on the Invoices heading then select one of the views, such as Open invoices or Recipient invoices.


wambo.org updates its look!

Some of you may already have noticed some additional features in wambo.org. Please refer to the last newsletter for a reminder of what’s new.


Login challenges?

If you’re having difficulty logging into wambo.org or accessing your PQs, remember that the format of your username has changed from EXT\username to username@ext.theglobalfund.org. Also remember that your password to log into wambo.org may be different from your password to access the PQ and Country Engagement site. You can reset your wambo.org password on your own by clicking the “Forgot username or password?” link on the sign-in page, but please contact your wambo.org focal point for assistance with your password to access the PQ and Country Engagement site.


Email approval errors?

All users in an approval group receive the notification to approve. If you try to approve by email and get an error message, it may be that someone else in the group has already approved. Contact your wambo.org focal point to confirm, or – coming soon – check the approval history by finding the requisition in your Spend History view “That I’m Watching.”


PQ prompt for punctual processing

Before you approve a requisition, please always first check the name of the current approval group. If it includes “Upload Signed PQ”, remember that you need to: 1) attach a signed copy of the PQ with the fields for name, date and title properly completed, and 2) tick the box next to “send to supplier” before you approve the requisition. If these are not done, the requisition will be sent back to you, resulting in possible delays.


wambo.org by the book

To give you one complete and up-to-date source of information, we’ve compiled all the job aids into a training manual that shows you how each step fits into the overall process. The English manual is already available on the Country Engagement site (where all the job aids currently are) and will be updated regularly, while the individual job aids are phased out. French and Spanish versions will be available soon. Of course, if you can’t find the answers to your questions in the manual, please continue to reach out to your wambo.org focal point.


Satisfaction survey: The results are in!

Thank you to all of you who participated in our recent user satisfaction survey, which polled two users from each organization that completed an order between November 2016 and May 2017 (50 users total). 94% of you reported being very or rather satisfied. We’ve taken note of your feedback for how we can improve and hope to address it over coming releases.



Newsletter – May 2017

A healthy attachment – remember to attach the signed PQ to your requisitions!

If in your on-boarding form you indicated that your organization does not accept fully electronic approvals, one of the approvers must attach the signed price quotation form to each requisition. Otherwise, the order cannot proceed and a workflow is needed to resolve the issue, leading to a delay. The PQ is generally only valid for 2 weeks after it is provided, so please download the PQ, get it signed, attach it, and approve the requisition as soon as possible. Please contact your wambo.org focal point if you have trouble accessing the PQ PDF or attaching it to the requisition.


Taking the next step – participate in the domestic funding pilot!

Some of you have expressed interest in using wambo.org to procure the same quality products at competitive prices using government funding. We are beginning a pilot project to enable this. For now, this is a pilot open to a limited number of government PRs, but we hope it will become a permanent feature of wambo.org. If your organization is interested in participating to the domestic funding pilot, please contact your wambo.org focal point to learn more.


wambo.org updates its look – new features coming soon

Next time you log into wambo.org, you may notice some exciting changes:

– Copy individual lines in your basket*:
Do you have a staggered delivery of a product and wish you didn’t need to add the same item to your basket multiple times? Now save time by copying the line; all information except the delivery date will be automatically added to a new line in your requisition.

– Filter and sort your basket*:
Have you ever wanted to sort or filter the lines of your requisitions to more easily and quickly find specific information or manage your request? Now you’ll have the ability to apply a range of conditions to your view of your order – for example, to see all items requested for a particular date or that are lacking an incoterm.

– Tag a group in your comments*:
Our last release brought you the ability to tag individual users in comments so they receive a notification. Now, entire groups-such as those in your approval chains-can be tagged and notified at once – no need to type out all the names of your colleagues or to risk leaving someone off!

– Reply to comments direct from email:
Staying involved in the conversation has never been easier. Respond to comments on requisitions directly from your email to save time logging into the platform.

– You may have noticed – PSAs are now in your approval chain:
Procurement Service Agents now have limited access to wambo.org to more easily review your purchase requisitions and provide price quotations directly in the system. This does not change the way you work in wambo.org, but it will simplify operations for the teams that manage your requisitions, so they can offer you even faster service.


Your opinion counts – user satisfaction survey

At the end of last year, we reached out to those of you who had already used wambo.org to place orders to understand your level of satisfaction with the platform. As promised, we’re doing it again. An independent third-party operator has contacted a requestor and an approver from each organisation that has completed an order on the platform during the last six months, to gather feedback on a series of questions covering all aspects of the wambo.org experience. We will share the results soon.


Time is ticking – kind reminder to submit requisitions to ensure delivery before your grant end date

As noted in an earlier communication from the Global Fund, products need to be delivered before the grant period ends or the payment will be deducted from the new grant allocation. Many products must be ordered at least 6 months in advance, so your requisitions should already be under way if you need delivery this year. Timely order placement will ensure timely delivery. For more details on when you should place orders for each product, the PPM team has put together a helpful planning guide.


wambo.org by the book – consolidated user manual soon available:

To give you one complete and up-to-date source of information, we are compiling all the job aids into a training manual that you can reference when you have questions about using wambo.org. This way, you will have all information at your fingertips and can see how each step fits into the overall process. The manual, once ready, will be available on the Country Engagement site (where all the job aids currently are) and will be updated regularly. Of course, if you can’t find the answers to your questions in the manual, please continue to reach out to your wambo.org focal point.


Getting through the door – challenges logging in to wambo.org

Many of you have had challenges accessing wambo.org in the last few months. We have worked to reduce inconveniences to you, while still guaranteeing a high security standard. You will continue be prompted to reset your password every 90 days for security purposes. Your wambo.org account will continue to be temporarily locked if you try to log in 3 times with the wrong username or password; however, to reduce the inconvenience caused, we will unlock all blocked accounts every business day. Here is what you can do to help us help you have a good experience:

– Remember: EXT\ is part of your username, so you need to enter it when you log in! Your username for accessing the Country Engagement site and the PQ PDFs is the same as your wambo.org username, but you may have a different password.

– If your account gets blocked, try again the next day and the problem should be solved. If not – or if you can’t wait – please contact your wambo.org focal point.

– If you forget your wambo.org password, or if you need to set your password to log in for the first time, you can follow the “Forgot username or password?” link from the wambo.org login page.



Newsletter – March 2017

Help us help you: submitting ready-to-process requisitions

We always aim to process your requisitions as fast as possible, while at the same time ensuring that the process is transparent and compliant. The cleaner the requisitions that you submit, the faster we will be able to process them, without having to come back to you and ask you to resubmit. We have compiled some guiding principles on how to compile your requisitions; you can find it on the Country Engagement Sharepoint.

Essentially, there are 4 principles:

1. All items of the same product category must be submitted in the same requisition, except if one item is urgently needed (i.e., if the delivery date requested sooner than the lead time indicated in the product questionnaire on wambo.org) or is a freeform request

2. One requisition must include items from only one product category

3. One requisition must include items ordered from only one grant.

4. One requisition may include up to 10 “need by” dates and addresses, but urgent requests (i.e., those with delivery date requested sooner than the lead time indicated in the product questionnaire on wambo.org) should be submitted separately.


Small change in approval chains

With the same objective to process requisitions faster, the first review by the Global Fund PPM team, which aims at detecting any possible issues in requisitions, will happen right after the requisition is submitted and before the internal reviews by the PR. This way, any issue will be resolved right away, saving precious time. Note that PR internal reviews, as requested in the onboarding process, will still happen — just after the first PPM review. Also note that PPM transaction managers will not alter the content of the requisition without the Requestor’s knowledge.

If this change is not possible for your organization for regulatory or other cogent reasons, please reach out to your wambo.org focal point copying onboarding@wambo.org no later than next Friday, 24 March.


Viral load test bundles now available

In the last update in February, we anticipated that viral load test bundles and consumables were on their way onto wambo.org. They are now available! The next time you need to order them, please do so online. Viral load machines will soon follow.



Newsletter – February 2017

Happy birthday, wambo!

On 26 January 2017, wambo.org turned one year old! Since the technical go-live on 26 January 2016 and the first LLIN orders by Bangladesh, Mozambique and Zambia, the wambo.org family has grown fast. As an outcome of the 8 regional workshops you will remember, it now includes over 450 PR users from more than 60 PR organizations and 100 grants. As new organizations join and more and more products become available on the platform, we are well on track to complete the transition of all PPM operations onto wambo.org by the end of Q2 2017.

As we continue to grow, expect to see a greater range of products and functionalities designed to improve your wambo experience. Please read on to learn about some upcoming changes.


System downtime next Saturday

As part of the system upgrade, wambo.org will be unavailable for approximately 3 hours starting at 3 am CET (Geneva time) on Saturday, February 25. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Help us help you: when to place your requisitions

We constantly strive to provide the best possible value for money and the best service for your orders. For that, it is important that you place your requisitions with some advance, rather than at the last moment. You can find guidance on the advance with which to submit requisitions for various product categories at http://www.theglobalfund.org/en/sourcing/info/- follow the link at the bottom of the page, on the right.


New products soon available on wambo.org: viral load and EID

In addition to LLINs, ACTs, ARVs, malaria and HIV RDTs, and condoms and lubricants, you can soon procure viral load and early infant diagnosis (EID) test bundles (comprising of test kids and the consumables required to run them) on wambo.org.

Following the results of the Global Fund’s tender on Viral Load, test kits and their associated consumables will now be bundled together, rather than displayed separately, in order to allow these products to be ordered in optimal ratios. Individual consumables can still be requested through a write request, if required.


Coming soon – wambo.org updates its look

Next time you log into wambo.org, you may notice some changes. We’re upgrading to a new version, so you’ll see a sleeker interface with new fonts and icons, as well as some useful new functionalities. Don’t worry – the overall process for creating and approving a requisition is the same!

– Accessing user settings*: The ‘My Account’ section, where you currently access all your user settings and preferences (including email and online notifications, report schedules, delegation of authority, and your organization’s procurement data) is now in the drop-down under your name under ‘Settings’ and ‘Spend History.’

– Changing language settings*: The language menu has moved from the top to the bottom of the page, and regional options (such as British vs. American English) are now selected in a sub-menu for each language.

– Directing comments to specific users*: Approval chains will have a new look. If you hover over a completed step, you’ll see who the members of the approval group are, the time of the approval, and the ‘mention name’ of the person who approved. The mention name (@xxxx) lets you direct comments to individuals and ensures they will receive a notification when a new comment has been shared with them.


PQ generation

We have automated the generation of the PQ form to reduce the possibility of inconsistencies or errors. Much of the change will happen in the background, but what does it mean for you?

There is a new field on the requisition header called “PQ Reference”. This field will be blank when you create the requisition but will be filled with a URL once the PPM team has allocated the manufacturers and obtained the logistics quote. Clicking this link will take you to the PQ document. This PQ will exactly match the line items in your wambo.org requisition because it has been automatically created based on them. Note that you will need to re-authenticate by entering your wambo.org username and your Global Fund system password. Everything else remains the same: if you need to, you can print the PQ, get it signed by the relevant authority and upload it in the requisition in the usual way. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions in the attached job aide “How to approve a requisition on wambo & upload signed PQ.”


User satisfaction at 100%!

At the end of last year, we reached out to those of you who had already used wambo.org to place orders to understand your level of satisfaction with the platform. We aim to provide you with the best possible service and are always eager to capture your views on how we can improve. We are therefore pleased to share that 100% of the PR users surveyed indicated overall satisfaction with the tool. Where you provided detailed feedback on what can be done to further improve your experience, we have taken note and are investigating what can be implemented. Thank you for your collaboration in the continued improvement of wambo.org!